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1850 Austin Road Ste 100 Owatonna, MN 55060

Serving Dodge, Freeborn, Rice, Steele, and Waseca counties, MN

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Parenting skills and education

Our team partners with families to help improve parental abilities. Through parenting education, we address the conflicts that arise from stressful parenting situations and divorce.  

We teach co-parenting skills, reunification, and relationship building.

If you are feeling stressed about your parenting, we are here to help provide that additional support you need. We do not charge a fee for this service.

We have been providing parent mentoring services since 1984. Call us for a consultation today!


Learn the Skill of Efficient Parenting From a Parent Mentor

Our Parent Mentors at the Exchange Center for Family Unity of Owatonna, MN will come to your home, set goals, determine needs, and help you to be the best parent you can be. This involves teaching Parenting Skills and Positive Discipline Techniques as well as addressing Anger Management Concerns, Healthy Relationships, and Financial Roadblocks .

We assist in providing parents stress and anger management tools to use within the family setting.

Family violence and Trauma Informed Parenting

We accept Self-Referrals as well as referrals from family service agencies within our service area.

We address issues of family violence and the long-term affect on both children and adults if not addressed. Our team helps parents understand trauma and how to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences.  For those children who have already experienced trauma, we teach trauma-informed parenting techniques.    

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Warning signs of troubled parenting

  • Guilty feelings about how you treat your child

  • Doubt, confusion, or anxiety about your parenting skills

  • Recurring arguments or violence within your family

  • Alcohol or drug abuse problems within the family, and more

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Common types of Childhood Trauma...

  • Abuse and Neglect

  • Family Violence

  • Community Violence

  • School Violence

  • Life-threatening accidents and injuries

  • Frightening or dangerous medical procedures

  • Serious or untreated parental mental illness

  • Loss or separation from a parent or other loved one

  • Natural or manmade disasters

  • War or other terrorist attacks

  • Forced displacement or refugee status

  • Discrimination

  • Extreme poverty


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